File/Directory Structure


Contains all Add-Ons added to the system. Every Add-On lives inside it's own directory named like the Add-On.


Contains images (e.g. icons), styling and JavaScript files for Cockpit to function correctly.


Contains a installer to set up Cockpit for the first time. The installer checks compatibility of your hosting environment with the requirements and performs user creation.


Contains a standard amount of classes and dependecies (PHP) for Cockpit to function.


A basic framework called "Lime" outfitted with:

  • YAML parsing based on Spyc (lib/Spyc.php)
  • Markdown parsing based on Parsedown (lib/Parsedown.php & lib/ParsedownExtra.php) -> erusev/parsedown
  • Image handling based on claviska/simpleimage
  • Basic Access-Control functionality
  • Basic i18n
  • Cookie handling
  • Asset handling

Components described above are implemente in so-called helpers.


An extended version of Lime in which provided helpers are being used. Here view-rendering is also bound into Lime.


A connector to either connect to MongoDB or a SQLite storage file/directory for data storage.

  • mongodb:// => Usage of MongoHybrid\Mongo / MongoHybrid\MongoLegacy for establishing a connection to a MongoDB server
  • mongolite:// => Usage of MongoHybrid\MongoLite -> MongoLite\Client to use an SQLite backend


A connector to use an SQLite database in the same way as one would use a MongoDB database.


A proxy to call either a Redis server (if configured) or using \RedisLite to fallback to another SQLite store.


This directory contains composer-based dependencies in their respective versions. At time of writing, the following dependencies are available:

  • claviska/simpleimage
  • erusev/parsedown
  • erusev/parsedown-extra
  • firebase/php-jwt
  • ksubileau/color-thief-php
  • league/flysystem
  • league/color-extractor
  • maennchen/zipstream-php
  • mongodb/mongodb
  • phpmailer/phpmailer


Cockpit consist of multiple Modules. Each module lives in it's own directory (same as Add-Ons) and has a bootstrap.php which is called by the App::loadModules() method.


Images, their thumbnails, API-keys and SQLite files are stored here.

Last Updated: 2/4/2019, 4:10:39 PM