There are multiple ways to obtain addons for Cockpit. Currently there is no general Add-On-Store where they can be downloaded so we have to rely on GitHub-repos where most addons are developed.

Due to not having a centralized addon directory, addons also won't updated themselves when there is a new version released by the maintainer.

Here we are providing some documentation on to-date mostly undocumented addons by the Cockpit Community.


Add-Ons are installed into Cockpit by putting the addons source into a directory named after the addons title in the addons/ folder within your Cockpit installation.

├── addons
│   ├── LayoutComponents
│   └── CloudStorage
├── assets
│ ...
├── install
│ ...
├── lib
│ ...
├── modules
│   ├── Cockpit
│   ├── Collections
│   ├── Forms
│   └── Singletons
└── storage

Generally speaking, all addons could also be added to the modules/ folder. But we don't recommend to do this because modules/ are like 'internal addons'. Refer to the developers documentation to learn more.

Last Updated: 2/4/2019, 4:10:39 PM