Common Options

filter (object/array)

To be added...

sort (object/array)

Determines in which order items will be fetched from the data-source. The sort option is a object where each key (property name) should be the name of the field which shall be used for ordering. The corresponding value can be either -1 (meaning DESC) or 1 (meaning ASC).


  "sort": {
    "name": -1

Image Manipulation

fp (string)

Defines an anchor which shall be the middle of the newly cropped or stretched image. It can either be in the format of x y and define an exact point or one of the following common anchors can be used:

  • center
  • top
  • bottom
  • left
  • right
  • top left
  • top right
  • bottom left
  • bottom right

Default: center


  "fp": "45 100"
  "fp": "bottom right"

f (object/array)

Defines a set of filters which should be applied to the image. The key defines the name of a filter and the corresponding value can be used to pass an option.

When this is passed as a non-associative array, the filters will be applied without options.

Filter Name Option
blur Algorithm (gaussian or selective) Default: gaussian
brighten Percentage (int)
colorize Array (red, green, blue, alpha) / (HEX value / CSS color name (with alpha like white|.5))
contrast Percentage (int)
darken Percentage (int)
desaturate Percentage (int)
edge detect <none>
emboss <none>
flip Direction (y, x, both)
invert <none>
opacity Opacity-Level (0-1)
pixelate Size of blocks; Default: 10
sepia <none>
sharpen <none>
sketch <none>


  "f": {
    "emboss": "",
    "colorize": "blue|.5",
    "darken": 10
  "f": [
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