Access to cockpit is managed by a simple access control list (ACL). The ACLs can be defined by module and acl name in the settings above. The following ACLs can be defined on a per-group basis:

  • $admin: Give all admin rights to the group. This overwrites whatever is defined under cockpit (Boolean. False if omitted)
  • cockpit: Access to the cockpit itself (Array)
    • accounts: Access to the cockpit accounts (Boolean. False if omitted)
    • backend: Access to the admin backend - you need this in order to log in etc (Boolean. False if omitted)
    • finder: Access to the media finder (Boolean. False if omitted)
    • collections: Special ACLs for collections (Array)
    • manage: Manger rights for collections. You need this for certain AJAX requests (Boolean. False if omitted)
  • $vars: Overwrite variables used by cockpit (Array)
    • finder.path: Root path from which the finder will show the files. Only used if cockpit.finder is true (String. Default is /)
Last Updated: 2/4/2019, 4:10:39 PM