There are different ways to store structured data within Cockpit. Internally each of these types are developed as a module.


Collections store multiple instances of structured data (objects) much like custom post types in other Content Management Systems like WordPress.


Collections can be created from the Collection-list and do consist of the following defined pieces of data:

  • Name (string, required) - must only contain upper- or lowercase letters
    Meant as a internal identifier it is used to determine API endpoints and reference the collection in collectionlinks.
  • Label (string, required) - is show in Cockpit's UI for users to identify the collection
  • Group (string) - Collections can be organized inside groups. Define a group name here. There is no need to create the group first.
  • Icon - Choose some icon from Cockpit's icon set to visually identify the collection faster
  • Color - Another means of identification of that collection in the UI
  • Description - Write a short description about the data that will be put into this collection. It will be displayed in the UI above a list of items inside the collection
  • Custom sortable entries (boolean) - when enabled, items can be sorted within Cockpit's UI and a hierarchy can be build (i.e. one item can become the parent of another)
  • Show in system menu (boolean) - when enabled, this colelction will be show in the system menu which can be opend by clicking on the of your Cockpit installation which is placed in the upper left corner of the navbar

UI for creation of a new collection

You can interact with collections using the API.


Every entry (item) inside a collection has the same properties defined by so called fields. Each field contains data described by it's field-type. The field-type also provides editing functionality for the data the field holds.


You can manage permissions to access and modify collection entries by clicking on the tab called "Permissions" in the top bar. There you can allow access to the collection from the public and enable or disable specific actions done via the API.

manage permissions on a collection

Regions deprecated

Singletons > 0.6.0


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